Main Street USA

What is Main Street USA ?

This is a term used fondly in the insurance industry to describe storefront and small business operations. It is really a specialty to itself. That is how we treat this type of business owner. The Restaurant, Frame Store, Pizza Shop, Jewelry Store, Doctors Office, Karate School, Dance Studio, other small retail or service business. You are not small to us, you are special.

It is important to work with an agent who specializes in the small business needs. One look at our locations at 68 "Main" street in Warwick, NY or New City, NY will tell you that we have intimate knowledge of what it is like to have a Main Street business. So if you are on main street, or in a mall... we have good reason to speak with eachother.

Just starting out ? You've found the right agency. We're good at holding hands and helping you get your dream off the ground.