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Predicting the: Future of Cyber Insurance &

Importance of Understanding Coverage.

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About Cyber Liability

Maybe we should just call it Breach Protection... that's not enough, how about Personal Identifiable Info coverage? That's not enough either.


First and Third Party Coverage options ( a few key areas of your concern - see below for more)

First Party

  • Loss of Digital Assets Coverage
  • Non-Physical Business Interruption and Extra Expense
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Security Event Costs

Third Party

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Employee Privacy Liability
  • Electronic Media Liability

Also think about your Reputation remediation and any Regulatory actions (fines and costs). As you can see there are many areas your current general liability or crime policy can not address.

Are you qualified under the Safety Act ? Lets talk about the options you have had difficulty finding solutions for.

WRG and Keith Savino have been involved in their clients Cyber Liability risks since Cyber coverage was introduced around 2000.

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We offer multiple carriers and options to fit most budgets.  Premiums start under $500. 

Common Questions about this coverage

Who Needs Cyber Liability Coverage ?

  1. Anyone who has customer data, or handles customer data.  In this case - It is about a loss of data that is not covered under normal Business Owners Policies.
  2. Any company or entity that is part of or supports the infrastructure of the United States. (Power, Utilities, Communications, Transportation, etc)
  3. Any company or entity that develops solutions to protect against terrorism. ( such as the Safety Act )
  4. Professional services both small and large who have a professional obligation to protect their clients. Examples would be Attorneys, Accountants, Real Estate, Physicians, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Services, and others. 
  5. Retail organizations that have customers, in person or online. 
  6. Any entity or individual who feels the need to protect their reputation if they are believed or accused of being involved in a loss of customer data

I don't sell anything online, Do I still need coverage ? You do not need to be selling online. The Term cyber is not always the right term to understand the exposure and coverage. For example, a "breach" of  Data on your PC has nothing to do with selling online.

I think I have some coverage under my business package. WRG sells business package policies, and yes there are some new endorsements allowing clients to buy small limits.  You should review your exposure, read the endorsement carefully, and determine if your business should improve its protection.

It was expensive last time i looked at the coverage.  A few years ago it was tough to find a good program below 2500 to start. WRG is happy to offer multiple programs from multiple carriers.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this coverage has become.

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COVERAGE IDEAS CHECKLIST (a partial list in a changing marketplace)

  • First and Third Party protection in a comprehensive coverage form
  • First Party coverage could include Loss of Digital Assets, Non-Physical Business Interruption and Extra Expense, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Terrorism, and Security Event Costs.
  • Definition of Data - does it include Paper ?
  • Third Party coverage - does it include Network Security and Privacy Liability, Employee Privacy Liability, and Electronic Media Liability
  • Covered Cause of Loss could include administrative or operational mistakes
  • Breach of Privacy coverage - could include damages resulting from alleged violations of HIPAA, state, federal, and foreign privacy protection rules
  • Customer Breach Notice Expense and coverage ( also called Notification Expense)
  • Public Relations Expense coverage - do you want to protect your reputation ?
  • Electronic media perils could include infringement of domain name, copyright, trade name, slogan, service mark on the internet or intranet site
  • Comprehensive Interruption Expenses coverage
  • and other emerging coverages that we can discuss and review with you

State Privacy Laws ( New York and New Jersey)

New York State Breach Notification Laws - Click here for updated New York Info.

Washington State Breach Notification Laws Click here for updated Washington info.


New Jersey Breach Notification Laws - Click Here for more New Jersey info or read below

NJ  Data Breach Notification Procedures in NEW JERSEY ONLY - If you are a corporation or business subject to the mandatory reporting of possible loss of personal information or breach of security per the Identification Theft Prevention Act, please contact The Regional Operation Intelligence Center (ROIC) (609) 963-6900 x6940 All other criminal acts resulting in data breaches in New Jersey, contact the State Police Cyber Crime Division at (609) 584-5051 x5664

 Other State Privacy and Breach Links or call our office Cyber Hotline at 845-986-2211

Are you complying with Department of Homeland Security Recommendations ?  Do you what NISP Is ? Have you heard of the Safety Act ?  The right Cyber program can put those resources at your fingertips.  Most carriers will offer Risk Management Solutions for Cyber Liability and Privacy Insurance.  Let WRG introduce you to a customized cyber insurance solution.

What about Identity Theft ?

With all the information about you floating around the Internet and elsewhere, it's easier than ever for criminals to pretend they're you. Identity-theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime, says the FBI. Looking back, in 2004 Over 9,000,000 cases were reported, this grew from over 500,000 cases reported in 1998 alone!  Today there are billions of reported cases.

Our firm started looking at this serious topic before 2000. Start with these simple ways you can protect yourself and your family, but don't stop there.

Be Proactive

We would like to encourage you to take proactive steps to protect your business and personal computers as well as your mobile devices.  The Department of Homeland Security has a website with helpful information about computer viruses and how you can protect your computers. To visit the site click HERE.


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Then CLICK HERE for some information concerning cyber awareness and tips from Homeland Security concerning National Cyber Security Awareness Month and how you can keep your data safe.

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