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Protect Your Assets with New Jersey Umbrella Insurance

Ever thought what you would do if you faced a lawsuit or liability claim that swamped any insurance protection you have, leaving you with massive costs that could bankrupt you?This happens every day, and the risk, for every one of us, is increasing all the time.

Breathe easy though. There's a solution: Umbrella insurance or gap insurance from Warwick Resource Group.

The fact is that we live in an age when people sue at the drop of a hat, awards are going through the roof and medical costs are rocketing into the stratosphere.

Without umbrella insurance, your standard auto insurance, homeowners insurance and other primary protection policies may fall well short of your costs.

Low Cost Gap Insurance

Yet, for a surprisingly low cost, you can "top up" that coverage with gap insurance which can protect you against millions of dollars of additional costs.

Still, you want to be sure you're not paying for protection you don’t need.That's why you need to speak to the experts at Warwick Resource Group. We can add to your existing coverage in increments that reflect the everyday risks you face, as well as your budget.

Don't think you need umbrella insurance? Well, it's not uncommon for a liability lawsuit to cost up to $1 million in New Jersey, while the payout from most standard homeowners policies is usually capped at around $250,000. Where would that leave you?

Additional Risks Covered

Plus,umbrella insurance can also protect you against costly risks not covered in other policies -- libel and slander for instance.

Yet, because in New Jersey umbrella insurance only kicks in when your standard policies are exhausted, the annual costs are low. And with competitive rates and discounts secured by the Warwick Resource Group they could be even lower.

Not sure or need to know more? Find out right now by using our Free Quote Request on this page. There's no cost or obligation, but loads of peace of mind.