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Protect all that you have worked hard for.

Unfortunately, we have become a very litigious society. People do not hesitate to pick up a phone and call a lawyer, for the smallest inconveniences and offenses. People consider lawsuits a means by which to "get rich quick" and often think that no one suffers and it does not effect the homeowner. 

  • Anyone can hire a lawyer and often it costs nothing to do so.
  • Juries and judges are erratic and uncertain. You can't count on a lawsuit being settled in your favor.
  • Lawsuits are expensive and often very drawn out, costing thousands of dollars to defend. 

 And be aware that your Homeowners and Auto polices may not cover the extensive settlements that juries can award. Most policies have a "cap" or a limit for liability  What are your limits on your auto and home liability policies? $300,000? $500,000?

It’s not enough.

Now you need extra protection, an umbrella insurance policy.

You get into an auto accident; someone falls into your pool; whatever the fluke occurrence—you can be sued. What if you are sued and the award goes to the plaintiff? Okay, you say, the insurance will cover it. But what if the amount is over the policy limits? (That happens, especially if you have nice things.)

How will you pay the judgment? How will you even defend yourself in such a lawsuit? Can you actually lose all you have strived for?

You bet you can.

You need protection that will rev up after the other policy limits are exhausted. You need umbrella insurance protection.

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