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Understanding Your Dwelling

Did you know that Dwelling "Replacement Cost" provisions can vary between insurance carriers?  One carriers "replacement cost" may not have the same contract wording as another carrier. In the example of high value programs this can be a key factor in your decision and in determining the reconstruction cost, or (ITV) Insurance To Value amount. We are happy to explain the differences and help you understand how your high value home will be treated in the event of a covered loss.

Special Features for High Value Homes

Some Important Features separate High Value Home Insurance programs from traditional home insurance.

All Personal insurance programs are not the same. High Value homes may offer broader coverages* and contract terms* like:

  • All Risk Dwelling with increased, extended or Unlimited Replacement Cost *, ++
  • All Risk Contents *, ++
  • Replacement cost cash out options *
  • Unlimited Rebuilding to Code *
  • Higher Loss Assessment Limits (when applicable) *
  • Water Backup of Sewers and Drains *
  • Business Personal Property Coverages *
  • Food Spoilage *
  • Higher Standard Limits for Jewelry, Furs, Securities, Silverware, Collectible Stamps & Coins, Guns and Money *
  • Identity Fraud *
  • Mortgage Renegotiation **
  • Kidnap Expense *+
  • Personal Injury *

Get The Special Attention and Protection You Deserve

When you talk with the professionals at WRG, we will go the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of.  Most of all, you will get to know us, as we get to know you.  In fact, we care so much about our clients that we still make house calls, too!  We'll work with you every step along the way to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied.

We even have top carriers that will insure Homes with EIFS (Synthetic Stucco).

Fill out the free quote request form at the top of this page and we will contact you to provide a no-cost, no-obligation quote with the special attention your home requires and the attentive service you deserve.


* This is broad list of coverage's that may be available from our high value home carriers and is intentionally brief. Each carriers form is unique and limits may vary. In any case the actual policy contract. terms  and conditions will apply. Sample policy is available for review. ** Mortgage renegotiation is unique to ACE Private Risk. *+ Kidnap expense is Unique to Chubb and may require a separate endorsement.

++ Dwelling Replacement cost provisions vary greatly between carriers. In the example of high value programs this can be a key factor in your decision. We are happy to explain the differences. All risk contents coverage is optional with some carriers.