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Are you with an Agent who specializes in High Value personal clients?

We specialize in High Value personal insurance programs. We can combine your Home, Auto, Personal Liability, Boat/Yacht and Valuable Articles needs into one custom program, with the same or various carriers to suit your needs.

Who Qualifies for High Value Personal Insurance?

  • Do you have a home with a reconstruction cost above 750,000?
  • Do you have a vacation home, or investment properties?
  • Does your garage have auto's just for the weekend?
  • Do you have a need for Liability limits of 2, 5, 10, 20 or even 100 Million in Personal Liability?
  • Do you know your insurance representative on a first name basis and count on them?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions you may benefit by a confidential call to WRG. We specialize in Luxury Home Insurance for High End homes and High Value properties.

Special Insurance Coverages:

  • No Cap (Limit) on reconstruction costs
  • Cash Out options (no requirement to rebuild)
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage options for the umbrella

The professionals at WRG will help determine which program is best for your needs. See below for more special coverages.

Special Insurance Carriers:

We represent the products of ALL four of the most recognized "high value" personal insurance companies, names you know, and trust like:

  • ACE Private Risk Services
  • CHARTIS Private Client Group®
  • CHUBB Masterpiece®
  • Firemans Fund ®
  • Firemans Fund Solutions

This underlines our commitment to protecting the lives and possessions of people just like you. This means that we have the ability to continue to provide options, even when your needs change.

Additionally we offer Travelers High Value Home the Preferred Mutual Pinnacle Home® product, The Hartford Platinum®, Adirondack Custom Paq Elite®, Kemper Auto and Home Ultimate®, Hanover, Merchants Mutual, Utica National, Countryway, and Erie & Niagra® as well as Lexington and Hudson Special Risk for those unique situations.

Why do we represent so many insurance companies?

Not all carriers are right for your needs and budget. Not all clients qualify for all carriers, so to be able to service the needs of high net worth clients, we must offer broad solutions. That is what makes us such a strong agency to work with. For a full list of carriers we represent, just click here.

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