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New York & New Jersey & Connecticut Professional Liability Insurance

As a busy professional, you are trusted for your expertise every day. In fact, your expert opinions and advice are what customers pay you for. Are you protected from the consequences of claims that arise from that advice?

Professional liability insurance is the only way for your practice to mitigate the costs and legal expenses coming from claims of negligence from your customers.

In different professions, it may be known as malpractice insurance or errors and omissions insurance but at the core the concept is the same: to protect you in case of negligence lawsuits from your clients.

Negligence lawsuits focus on the failure to perform based on expectations or a contract, alleged misrepresentation, and other claims. They claim financial loss for the client based on your alleged actions.

Worried about the costs? Professional liability insurance in Warwick gives you a lot of protection for a lot less money than you'd expect.

You might think you are covered with your general liability policy but those more general policies only protect against bodily or property damage and some personal injury claims. You need a professional liability insurance policy to protect your business from potential negligence claims.

New York & New Jersey & Connecticut Professional liability insurance is available to professional practitioners such as doctors, lawyers, architects and accountants. This policy is used to protect a business from liability around claims of negligence.

 WRG / Libke Associates protects their clients with coast to coast insurance coverage.


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Professional Liability for All Business Types

Here are a few of the businesses types we already provide Professional Liability for:

Advertising Agency - Media Consultant
Appraiser Personal or Business Property (Non Real Estate)
California Community Service
Career Coach
Claims Adjuster
Computer Consultants
Computer Technology Risks including
Computer Tech Staffing
Computer Software Design & Installation
Computer Hardware
Construction Management
Corporate Trainer
Dog Groomer
Employment Agency
Energy Consultant
Fundraising Consultant
Genealogical Investigator
Grant Coordinator - Grant Writer
Handwriting - Document Analyst
Hotel Manager
Interior Designer - Decorator
Management Consultants
Marketing Consultants
Medical & Health Care
Medical Electronics
Mortgage Bankers and Brokers
Professional Organizer - Relocation Organizer
Project Manager (Non Construction)
Property Manager 
Safety - Loss Control Consultant
Technical Writer
Technology Consultant
Technology Staffing
Telecommunications Consultant
Ticket Broker
Third Party Administrators
Travel Agent
Travel Agents - Tours

Don't see yourself listed here ? ...don't worry!  This is just a partial list.  We can protect you, too!

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