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How New Jersey E&O Insurance Protects You

What happens if a product you made or service you provided fails and a client sues you for the financial loss they suffered as a result?

Don't reach for that general liability insurance policy; it likely won’t protect you. Unless you have errors and omission insurance, you're a sitting target for a costly lawsuit.

Same goes for an entirely frivolous allegation that you failed to perform. You may win the case but, without errors omission insurance, you could still face crippling legal defense costs.

In New Jersey, errors and omission insurance, or E&O insurance as it's usually called, from Warwick Resource Group will provide the protection you need.

We've been serving businesses in New Jersey for more than 150 years and when it comes to E and O insurance, you won't find a more experienced and supportive team of professionals than at Warwick.

That's critical because every business or non-profit organization is different, and so should be their errors omission insurance. You need E&O insurance coverage that precisely matches the risks you face in your area or activity -- not an errors & omission insurance policy that someone just grabbed off the shelf.

Free Errors Omission insurance Quotes

At Warwick, our New Jersey E and O insurance plans are tailored to meet your needs, cover the widest possible range of risks and fit comfortably in your budget -- all done with the maximum of efficiency and the minimum of fuss.

Don't think that's possible? Try us using the Free Quote Request on this page. We can produce a ball park quote for your E&O insurance within 24 hours, outlining your options and providing sample rates.

Then, if you wish, we can get you protected quickly against lawsuits and claims, court costs and settlements, covering such areas as negligence, failure to perform, inadequate work, misrepresentation, infringement of good faith and accidental errors.

Warwick Resource Group's E&O insurance program protects professional service providers as individuals, partnerships, non-profits, public and private companies including:

  • Errors omission insurance for professionals such as accountants, architects and attorneys.
  • E and O Insurance for Technology professionals, including developers, and staffing companies.
  • E&O insurance for financial advisers, stock brokers and financial consultants.
  • Errors & omission insurance for Realtors, contractors, builders and manufacturers.
  • Errors omission insurance for caterers, wedding planners, and transportation providers.
  • E and O insurance for most other types of professional business activity.

Supporting Lines if Business such as:

  • Crime
  • Cyber Liability and Privacy
  • EPLI
  • Management Liability
  • Directors and Officers
  • Commercial Insurance Package including Property and General Liability


This can include protection for all members of your team, even temporary staff and subcontractors

Low Cost & 24/7 Support

We can do this at remarkably low cost, securing some of the most competitive rates in New Jersey for errors and omission insurance, with generous discounts for multiple insurance policies and higher deductibles.

WRG experts will advise you and get you protected at the financial level that suits your activities and your budget; we'll provide advice on risk management; and we'll support you 24/7 if you have questions or need to make a claim.

Crucially, we'll stay in touch, monitoring your changing needs and reminding you at renewal time -- that's critical because you can't backdate your errors and omission insurance to cover risks from earlier projects. And remember, some people just won’t do business with you in New Jersey without evidence of reputable E&O insurance.

With so much at risk and such a simple, cost-effective solution, get that errors and omission insurance Free Quote now. Even if you already have E and O insurance, you may find we can provide more protection for a lower premium.

There's no cost or obligation to find out how Warwick Resource Group can protect you, so do it right now.

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