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A steel erection contractor was charged with wrongful termination when a steel frame worker and welder charged he was improperly let go. The worker claimed he injured his back and was unable to report to work. The worker claimed he was forced to carry out his usual work even though he had work restrictions. The worker charged the contractor discriminated against him because of his work related disability and wrongfully fired him.


The worker claimed and won damages for lost and future wages, general damages, attorney fees and reinstatement of his job. The total claim cost approached $75,000.

(information taken from the NYSBA)

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Employment Liability Practices Insurance (EPLI)  is becoming a more common and necessary piece of insurance for business owners.  EPLI is a policy that business owners may obtain to protect themselves against lawsuits from employees. 

Policy limits offered are appropriate to small businesses providing ample protection without creating an indemnity jackpot which can actually attract claims!  Defense costs covered are unlimited while limited to eroding no more than 50% of indemnity limits.  Low premium rates make Employment Practices Liability Insurance, ( EPLI ) an easy add-on to the BOP, GL, or workers compensation policies.

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