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Custom D&O Insurance In New York

What will you do if the next phone call explodes a bombshell onto you or your company -- perhaps a million dollar lawsuit from an employee alleging discrimination, a board notification accusing of you of mismanagement, or a collective action by discontented shareholders?

It happens all too often in New York these days. Without the protection of Directors and Officers Insurance, you, your organization and the reputation you've spent years building and honing could be sunk.

But there's more. Supposing you do have a Directors and Officers Policy but discover it won’t protect you fully or specifically against the allegations you face, either because of a cap on the level of coverage or because it doesn’t take account of the specific rules and corporate laws that apply in New York State.

For example, state law specifies exactly who can and cannot sue you for liability from within your organization. Did your insurance broker advise you on that?

NEW EXPOSURE for Directors and Officers is CUSTOMER DATA PROTECTION.  What is your direct involvement in making sure that your organization is doing everything reasonable to protect Customer data ?  Small or Large, does your board understand it's responsibility ? Click on our Cyber Liability page for more information.

New York D & O Insurance Expertise

It's because you need the highest level of New York D&O Insurance expertise to ensure you're properly protected that you should be talking to the professionals at Warwick Resource Group.

We've been protecting businesses in the state for more than 150 years and our name is trusted by hundreds of New York organizations for value, expertise and quality of service.

The aim of New York Directors and Officers Insurance is to indemnify board members, senior officers and sometimes entire organizations against claims for damages for alleged wrongful acts, civil or criminal.

Our Directors and Officers program has been specially developed to meet the different needs of organizations, including not-for-profits, private companies and publicly traded corporations.

The keystone of that protection is collaboration with you to customize a plan that is both cost competitive and takes account of the particular risks you face. For example, your D & O Insurance in New York should reflect the likelihood of liability actions, typical costs of settlement, and crucially, defense costs you might have to pay even if the lawsuit is thrown out.

Advice And Support

Warwick Resource Group experts can also provide advice and for such issues as:

  • D&O coverage for named individuals, at different levels if appropriate.
  • Who pays the premium -- a surprisingly important issue.
  • Definitions of "wrongful acts" and how they affect your indemnity.
  • Risk management to reduce the likelihood of lawsuits
  • Upcoming changes in New York corporate legislation that might affect your risk exposure.

Because this is a specialist area, even if you already have New York D&O Insurance, you should consult the New York experts at Warwick Resource Group. A review might be able to pinpoint areas where you are not adequately protected or where there may be opportunities to save you money.

And if you ever need to make a claim on your New York Directors and Officers Insurance, those same experts will be there to guide and support you.

The fact is that a Directors & Officers policy could be a life-saver for your organization. There's too much at risk to neglect this critical component of business security.

Take the first crucial step towards getting your board members and senior team protected using our Free Quote Request on this page. It opens up a channel of communication to identify your New York D & O Insurance needs and highlight how best they can be met.

There's absolutely no cost or obligation to this service. We'll respond efficiently and promptly with solutions and ideas that we believe will impress you, protect you and save you money.

Warwick Resource Group offers Directors and Officers Liability Programs for:

  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Private Companies
  • Publicly Traded Companies

We represent and broker a wide array of D&O Insurance companies to provide your Board of Directors with choices for coverage and premium.


When applying for Directors and Officers coverage please remember that this is not like other Property and Casualty submissions. You will need to work closely with the Agent to determine the marketing strategy, the carriers to approach and what limits your board is comfortable with.


That's ok -- we take the time you will need. Just click the above quote request form, and we will send you a FREE Directors & Officers Tips report that provides an overview of the coverage definitions, areas to look at on your board and best ways to protect your organization.


So are we. We will work well together. You already know the pitfalls of speaking with too many agents, concerns about over using a marketplace over and over and that all D & O Insurance programs are not created equal. We are sensitive to these issues and do not just rush in to replace your current agent.

We will take the time to identify:

  1. Should we even work on your account?
  2. What new tools, experience or carriers will we bring to the table.
  3. Does our agency philosophy align with your company?

At Warwick Resource Group, we like to visit with CFO's make ourselves available to all Director meetings, and prepare reviews at key times, not just upon renewals.

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