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Total Protection with New Jersey Car Repair Garage Insurance

In the New Jersey auto repair business, you spend most of your time trouble-shooting and solving other people's problems, but who's going to be there for you when things go wrong?

Answer: Warwick Resource Group, the specialists for reliable car repair garage insurance and auto mechanic shop insurance at outstanding value.

We've been doing business since before the car was invented but we're bang up to date with all today's car mechanic shop insurance and car body shop insurance plans, including New Jersey state and local regulations, and the range of risks workshop owners face every day.

We've spent many decades putting together custom auto mechanic shop insurance plans, tailored to meet the precise needs of clients, including the sort of issues many non-specialists overlook, the sort of protection others' clients don’t find out about until it's too late.

Car Repair and Car Body Shop Insurance Options

Customized car body shop and repair insurance in New Jersey also means that you don’t end up paying for coverage and protection you don't need, and you have expert advice on hand as your business changes or new problems arise.

WRG's New Jersey car mechanic shop insurance and auto body shop insurance programs are built from the ground up. They provideoptions for all aspects of your business activities including:

  • Full liability insurance for lawsuits, claims, settlements, defense costs and medical bills.
  • Special protection against theft or damage to customers' vehicles while in your workshop or being driven by you or your employees.
  • Full property insurance for the structure of your building, contents, equipment and materials -- including damage or loss caused by fire, theft, vandalism or accident.
  • Failure of specialist workshop machinery.
  • Insurance against loss of income due to business disruptions.
  • Employee protection, including workers comp, medical and anti-fraud insurance.
  • Umbrella insurance that substantially raises the payout ceiling -- extremely useful if you deal with high-value vehicles or commercial clients.
  • Protection against unintentional failure to comply with New Jersey state regulations for the car repair industry.

Customizing Your Auto Mechanic Shop Insurance

Of course, these are just samples of what might go into a WRG car repair garage insurance plan. There may be some options you don’t need and others not listed here. That's fine because our professionals will work with you to refine your auto mechanic shop insurance or auto body shop insurance to meet both your business needs and your budget.

Remarkably, all this costs no more than the sort of standard coverage you might find elsewhere. In fact Warwick's car repair garage insurance plans may even save you money through both competitive rates and discounts for multiple policies and higher deductible levels.

Our car repair garage insurance experts can also help you avoid some of the dangers by providing risk management guidance, and they're on standby with support if you ever need to make a claim on your car repair garage insurance or car body shop insurance.

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Looking at those risks, the potential savings and the level of personal support you'll get from Warwick Resource Group, you know it makes absolute sense to learn more about our service, even if you already have car mechanic shop insurance or auto body shop insurance.

Here's how you can do that, quickly and without cost or obligation. Just complete the Free Quote Request on this page. That's it. You can get on with running your business and we'll get started on your quote.

There's no time to waste, with so much to gain and nothing to lose. So do it right now.

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