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Great Apartment Owners Insurance in New Jersey

If you own an apartment, condo or other rental property you may not realize how much of your time and investment are at risk every day and in need of comprehensive owners insurance.

Why? It's a business. It's a source of income. It's an investment. And it's vulnerable to damage or destruction beyond your control -- because you’re not there and because it's probably surrounded by similar homes outside of your ownership where incidents can impact your property.

You need to fully protect yourself against all of these risks with rock solid owners insurance from the professionals at Warwick Resource Group. Our custom plans include:

  • New Jersey Apartment Owners Insurance
  • New Jersey Condo Owner Insurance
  • New Jersey Duplex Owner Insurance
  • New JerseyBuilding Owner Insurance

Protection and Savings

Why WRG? We've accumulated more than 150 years of experience and expertise in protecting New Jersey residents, saving them money, tailoring insurance plans to their precise needs and providing unrivalled help and support.

That means even if you already have apartment owners insurance, condo owner insurance, duplex owner insurance or building owner insurance, we may be able to provide you with better protection at a more competitive rate.

We work with you to build a protection plan that can cover the widest possible range of risks, reflecting everything from property location to special needs like instant, automatic coverage for newly acquired homes or buildings.

Your owners insurance plan starts with protection for the apartment/condo/building structure and any equipment or other contents that you own, including furnishings, appliances and heating/ventilation systems. It can cover other buildings like garages, swimming pools and more.

This protects you against perils like fire, vandalism, theft and even damage caused from an adjoining or nearby property -- water leakage for example.

Wide Range of Options

You'll get liability protection for injury, damage and even lawsuits attributed to your ownership. Warwick's apartment owners insurance, condo owner insurance, duplex owner insurance and building owner insurance plans can also provide medical payments if someone is accidentally injured on your property.

Your other options include:

  • Protection against loss of rental income
  • Insurance to cover your broader business activities, including protection against fraud and theft.
  • Umbrella insurance, which raises the limits on protected risks
  • Protection against costly external charges such as landscaping damage, removal of debris, and call-out charges from the Fire Department or temporary security services.
  • Additional risks not covered in standard insurance policies including earthquake and flood
Free Review, Advice and Quote

We can also advise and insure you for any special requirements arising from New Jerseystate and local laws relating to construction and repairs. And, as part of the Warwick Resource Group service, we provide guidance on risk management for property ownership.

Our professionals and back-up support are available 24/7, including help and advice with filing claims, and we keep your owners policy under constant review so it always meets your needs and New Jersey compliance requirements.

Furthermore, we not only secure the most competitive rates for your owner insurance, we're also able to negotiate valuable discounts for deductibles and multiple policies.

When you can make great savings and reap so many benefits it's got to be worth finding out how WRG can protect your apartment or building ownership.

You can get that information fast, free and without obligation by simply completing our Free Quote Request. We can also review your existing apartment owners insurance, condo owner insurance, duplex owner insurance, building owner insurance.

Do it now and start building your savings and protection.