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How to Skip the Disability Financial Nightmare

Disabling accidents occur to Americans roughly once every second, and you have a 30% chance of being among them, out of action for more than 90 days, before you're 65. In fact, if you're over 40 that likelihood shoots up to over 40%.

Alarming isn't it? Because, in addition to the sheer pain and discomfort of a disability, individuals could have serious worries about money. Who's going to pay your bills if you're not earning and haven't qualified for workers' comp? Even when you do, will it be enough to meet all your commitments? And if you have employer provided protection, the fact is that most disabling events happen outside the workplace, so you may not be covered.

If you're in business, failure to provide disability income insurance for your employees puts you at a serious disadvantage when you're competing for talent to hire, especially at the higher levels. And if your employees have money worries, how do you think that's going to affect morale and productivity? And what's going to happen to your business, even if it's a one-person operation, if disability puts you out of action and you can't make your own payments?

For all these reasons, whether you're an individual or an employer, doesn’t it make sound sense to invest in disability insurance protection? It can replace up to almost two thirds of gross income and, depending on the type of policy, can provide short-term or extended coverage and supplement state or federal aid. The peace of that mind that buys enables victims to concentrate on their recovery.

Furthermore, you can find out quickly, and for free, how much it would cost to secure that kind of protection, simply by using the no-obligation Quotation Request Form on this page.

We can review any existing coverage you may already have and then help provide the best disability insurance protection to suit your circumstances and budget, whether you are:

  • An employed individual.
  • Self-employed.
  • An employer wanting to protect your workforce.

We can ever tailor special coverage for key people in your business, with high limits that continue over the long term until they qualify for social security payment.

But you need to act straight away. Risk is ever-present in our fast-moving and increasingly complex world. And the cost of living just keeps on rising. Find out how you can secure the protection you need by completing the Quotation Form now.

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