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Crash for Cash – Staged Auto Accidents

Wait? What just happened? You were cruising down the road, beautiful day, no traffic on the highway. Suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere, swerved in front of you and jammed on his brakes for no apparent reason.  You attempted to swerve into the left lane, but a van suddenly appeared to your left and you had no choice but to hit the bumper of the car in front of you. Suddenly chaos, the car you bumped is filled with passengers who are screaming of neck and back injuries. A few other autos stop and witnesses claim that you were driving erratically and had no control of your vehicle. When you point out the van that boxed you in, you realize that it is long gone. You’ve been scammed. That particular Insurance Fraud Scenario is called: Swoop and Squat and it is designed to bilk your insurance agency of thousands of dollars. Many dishonest drivers will maneuver innocent motorists into auto crashes. The cars may only suffer a small dent, but the crooks still make large and illegal claims for fake ...

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