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55 miles per hour, a chunk of steel 60 feet ahead in the roadway

We have all encountered it. A beautiful sunny afternoon, cruising down the highway at 55mph, window open, radio on and suddenly … a 10 foot piece of scrap metal is looming in front of you, directly in your path, right in the center of your travel lane. Do you swerve to avoid it, cutting off the  car that is in the next lane? Do you slam on your brakes and pray that the tractor trailer on your tail does not rear end you? Do you just hit it and pray that I does not destroy your undercarriage or become airborne and smash through a windshield. AAA has recently released the following statistics concerning roadway litter: *Since 2001, roadway accidents involving debris have escalated by 40%. *Every year over 50,000 crashes are due to cars avoiding roadway litter. *125 people die a year, more than 500 deaths between 2011 and 2014 *0ver 39,000 injuries  are the direct result of refuse in the roadway. Why the upswing? Multiple Reasons: 1. The Closing of Eisenhower Interstate Highway Sys ...

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