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Cross at the Green, Not In Between: 10% Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities in 2015

First of all, be very careful when crossing the street. I know that your mother probably shouted that at you every time you left the house when you were a child, and it may seem like redundant advice, but recent statistics show that some people are not listening. Two weeks ago in Paramus, NJ, a young pedestrian was hit by an SUV while crossing Route 17 by Paramus Park Mall. She was illegally crossing a 6 lane highway, when an overpass with a sidewalk was less than 100 feet away. We had a tragedy in Warwick last November, where a pedestrian was walking to her volunteer position at the local hospital, assumed that drivers would see her and stop as she proceeded into the crosswalk, and she was hit by a local resident who was heading home from work. Sun glare off of the front window of the auto was cited as reason for the collision.  Search “Pedestrian Hit” on Google and click on the “News” category and not only will you receive over 200,000 hits, but new news stori ...

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