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#ArriveAlive: The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

We’ve all done it. Staying out late for work, or a ballgame or maybe dinner with friends and now it is time to head home. You pull out of the parking lot, head out on the road and suddenly a wave of exhausting and drowsiness envelops you and you have miles to go. You think to yourself, open a window? Maybe if you blast the radio? Maybe if you close one eye for a while and rest it, and then close the other eye for just a moment. In a split-second you are heading across the yellow line or on a direct trajectory with a telephone pole. First a few statistics about drowsy driving: According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly ¼ of all adults in the U.S. claim to know someone personally who has fallen asleep at the wheel. 70 Million adults are sleep deprived or suffer from sleep disorders. It is a major contributor to car crashes. (Source: American Automobile Association) One out of six deadly traffic accidents are a direct result of drowsy driving. And each year, the ...

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