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Warwick Resource Group: Half of the things we are proud of; our clients never know about….

Unfortunately, many times, when you read headlines about the topic of  "insurance',  the articles are often told with a negative slant. Hurricane Sandy, health insurance woes, floods and fires ...  these stories are accompanied by the downside:  claims not paid, premiums jacked up, confusion as to what polices do and do not cover. If you Google "Insurance Headlines", the top hits can often be unfavorable. But as with most news stories, you never get to hear about the upside, the positive, the “good.” I want to share with you some of the success stories of my business and my agency in 2015 …  What we are “proud of”. Because honestly, most of the daily occurrences that give us the greatest satisfaction and pride, most policyholders will never hear about. Our Forward Thinking, Truly Caring, Always Concerned, Attitude Towards Our Clients – The average retention/attrition rate of an agency the size of Warwick Resource Group is 370 lost personal l ...

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