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“I can see you.” DYI Smart Alarms are the new Tech in Home Security and Intrusion Detection

Per the most recent statistics from the FBI, there were an estimated 7,993,631 property crimes, nationwide in 2015. 21% of those were home break-ins. The number fluctuates by year, but has steadily escalated over the last decade. Closer to home, certain neighborhoods in Warwick have seen a recent rash of thefts in January 2017, from snowboards stolen from the back of Jeeps in driveways; to break-ins of sheds and garages. Locally the area is experiencing an uptick in property crime and theft of consumer goods. Warwick Police have indicated that these types of crimes can often be drug related, reselling hot merchandise for quick cash. Beyond guard dogs, deadbolt locks, outside motion sensor lights or more expensive security such as the Slomin Shield and Honeywell, how can you protect yourself from having your home and property burglarized (without breaking the bank)? Historically, homeowners often invested in a central monitoring home security system such as ADT. The process involved:   ·& ...

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Hello, My Name Is Joyce and I am Calling To Scam You!

Last evening I was sitting in my kitchen and the phone rang. Absorbed in a project, I let the phone call go to voicemail. After completing what I was working on, I pressed the button on the phone and listened to the message. It was a lady’s voice, very professional, sounded “real”. She was informing me that her name was Joyce; she is a Customer Service Representative from Orange and Rockland Utilities and she was calling because records show that I am behind on my account, and for my convenience she would be happy to take the payment information over the phone. Since she missed me she would try again later. I looked at the I.D. on the phone and indeed it said “O & R”. But then I remembered, my account is fine. As a matter of fact, Orange & Rockland owes "me" a credit because I overpaid last quarter. Confused, I called them. The representative from the utility company stated that no call was placed by them to my residence. Furthermore, Orange & Rockland DOES ...

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Threat Detected - Has your computer's been infected?

You cannot flip through the newspapers, listen to the radio or scroll through online headlines without hearing about, this organization or that business being hacked or having their computers infiltrated by a virus. Even with amazing anti-viral software, installed firewalls and constant software updates, Hackers are always changing it up, so that what is protected yesterday is vulnerable today. So, with the constant cat and mouse game that seems to exist in the virtual world, how exactly do you know if your computer has been hacked or is experiencing a virus? Here are some tell-tale signs: 1. Fake antivirus messages- We have all experienced it. To click onto a website and suddenly you receive the dreaded Fake Antivirus Warning Message. Once you see this message the damage has been done. Clicking “No” Or “Cancel will not stop the process, your system has been exploited.  2. Your Computer Seems to Be Going Nowhere: The fan is on, the disk is spinning away, but nothing’s happen ...

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Show Me The Money: 11 Ways to Save Money on Your Car Insurance.

So you’re shopping around for auto insurance. What do you need to know? Well, there are lots of ways – at least 11 – that you can save money. Many of these money-saving ideas may apply to you.

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Cyber Criminals - More than Just the Geek in the Basement

Usually in movies they are portrayed as a maniacal recluse. Sitting in front of multiple computer screens, with AC/DC blasting and crumpled cups of coffee and Red Bull scattered all over the desk and the floor. Or as a “V for Vendetta”, Guy Fawkes-styled freedom fighters with a score to settle. Cyber Criminals, Hackers, Data Thieves are the designations we have given them. And they come in all shapes, sizes and forms, from all walks of life, male/female, rich and poor. Their motivation is as varied as their backgrounds. Some choose to become hackers because they seek revenge on someone who betrayed them. This category includes employees of businesses; citizens angry against the government; lovers who feel they have been wronged. Other cyber criminals are looking for monetary gain, often holding data “hostage”. Businesses need to pay a “ransom’ to receive a “key” to be able to unlock and access their data. Since the inception of mainframes and shared/networke ...

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Midnight, On the Highway and Your Car Breaks Down, Now What?

It happened just two weeks ago. A few miles from our Corporate Office. A mother, her elementary school-aged daughter, a family friend and two dogs were driving in their  Volkswagen Passat on Inter-State 84 at 4am when the car ran out of gas in the right-hand travel lane. The mother proceeded to activate the cars emergency flashers and  call 911 to seek assistance. Three minutes into the call the car was rear-ended by a tractor trailer and all were killed. No one knows exactly what happened. The truck driver did not see the blinking lights on the rear of the auto until it was too late for him to stop on the roadway. The problem was compounded by the fact that the auto remained in the travel lane of a two lane, highly trafficked, interstate, after it ran out of fuel.With summer approaching, vacation season "ramping up", college students home for the summer and families embarking on road trips, June would serve as the optimal time to share some automobile safety reminders. With an emphasis on what to ...

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The difference between dry possessions and a soaked home is simply a couple of inches.

June 1st is less than 20 days away …. a little over two weeks. To many people, June is a month filled with flowers, weddings and graduations. Open the pool, spark up the grill, count the days until vacation, these are all good things.The downside of June is that it is also the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which extends from June 1st through November 30th. It has been a few years since Sandy and Irene; and more than a decade since Hurricane Katrina. Over time, people tend to quickly forget and move on from these events. Life becomes business as usual and the memory of the catastrophe seems to soften. So I am imploring you to consider talking to your insurance agency about the importance of Flood Insurance; now, this minute, immediately. I have personally witnessed the devastation that can occur to families that have had to deal with flash floods, clogged municipal sewer systems, and 14 days of driving endless rain. The horror of watching the water creeping slowly towards the house and t ...

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Burgers, Hot Dogs and Steaks, Time to Spark Up the Grill

As there is now a month for everything, May has been designated “National Barbeque Month” (bet you didn’t know that!?!), and although that might sound slightly nonsensical, fire safety around grills is serious business. Here is a scary statistic: Almost 9,000 homes each year experience a fire that is directly related to outdoor grills. Sometimes it is simply the grill that catches fire, sometimes the entire house is a loss. With Memorial Day weekend and the kickoff to summer two weeks away, I thought it might be a good time to give you some quick safety tips before you throw on the first hot dogs and steaks. Before I begin, a few facts: ·      According to the National Fire Protection Association over $118 million dollars in direct property damage are attributed to grills, hibachis or barbecues. ·      83% of grill fires were attributed to units fueled by gas, the remaining were charcoal or other solid fuel. ·  ...

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Protecting your child from a bully, just got a little bit easier

It is unfortunate, but many parents will find themselves in this situation sometime in their child’s lives. Your tear-filled daughter will approach you one evening, usually clutching her smart phone or laptop.  She will tremble as she shows you the horrifically mean, totally out of bounds, unbelievably nasty posts about her that are sailing across social media. Maybe someone created a Facebook group to bash her. Maybe they posted a video telling her to harm herself.  Maybe a “not so flattering” photo of her was making the rounds between the student body of her school. Cyber-Bulling can take many forms. As a parent you are responsible to protect your child, but cyber-bullying is an entirely new frontier.  There is no end to what “Cyber-Bullying” can do to a child’s reputation, their self-image and worth. And removing the damaging information is difficult … it takes on a life of it’s own, it grows and permeates all aspects of your life, 24 x7&rd ...

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5 Reasons Why Every Driver Should Invest in a Dashcam

It happens so suddenly. You are cruising along in your auto, humming to your favorite song on the radio, and a split second later, you are wondering what happened?  Is everyone alright? and did I do something to cause this? Auto accidents usually occur quickly, without warning and often the sequence of events gets muddled in the aftermath. Was it my fault? Was it the other driver’s fault? Recollection of what exactly happened can be impossible. Police arrive, all involved parties and witnesses tell their side of the story. Wait? What? The other driver claims it was my fault. I don’t remember it that way. This is just one reason, why I am advocating and strongly suggesting that my clients consider investing in a Dashcam. A dashcam or dashboard camera is a continuous loop mounted video camera that records the view through a vehicle's front windshield. Dashcams can be attached directly onto the inside of the vehicle (glass or dashboard) and removed when exiting your auto.  It may be at ...

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