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Drones, Hoverboards and All Terrain Vehicles, Oh My!

The wrapping paper has been picked up off of the living room floor. The refrigerator is stuffed with piles of leftovers and next week; everyone is planning on heading back to the gym. The holidays are almost over and all of the new "TOYS", both large and small, are ready for use. But before you fly that drone, hop on that hoverboard or take off on that ATV, some thoughts .... Inside industry sources are predicting that sales of Drones will have exceeded 400,000 for the 2015 holiday season. According to the New York Daily News, The FAA has reported that they already received more than 45,000 registration requests just two days after applications opened on Dec. 21. The FAA is also predicting 300,000 more by the January 19th, 2016 open registration date.  The massive influx is coming from a law requiring all owners to register their flying devices, from drones that weigh about as much as two sticks of butter (.55 lbs.) to a punching bag (55 lbs.).  That is a lot of little novice pilots maneuvering a ...

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Halloween ... I don't want you to have any regrets (other than eating too much chocolate).

The town that I live in, Warwick, NY is a truly festive place during autumn. Throngs of tourists visit to run through corn mazes and pick apples, Warwick hosts one of the largest street fairs in the country with "Applefest" and Halloween is considered one of the highlights of harvest season with a parade through the village and cider and donuts for all in the Railroad Green Park. But with every frightful haunted house visit and every kid in a costume, running across a front lawn seeking candy, there are always issues of safety and liability. (And no, I am not attempting to spoil your fun ... I love Halloween. It's just that "life happens" and I thought this might be a good time to for a quick reminder on keeping everybody safe, before the kids are let loose to terrorize and seek treats). NINE IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS TO KEEP YOUR HALLOWEEN FROM TURNING INTO A HORROR SHOW: HAUNTED MANSIONS AND SLAUGHTERHOUSES: I will never forget three decades ago, when a group of thrill-seekers perished in a Haunted House at ...

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