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Turkey, Travel, and Other Tips for A Thankful (and Tranquil) Thanksgiving

In a few days, some of you will be taking to the highways to head home or maybe on vacation for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Others will be preparing meals for guests or deep frying turkeys in vats of peanut oil. There is a lot of activity happening in most people’s lives in the next week and although we look forward to the festive feasting and fun aspects of the holiday, safety-wise and statistically there are a few things that you will need to look out for: TIME TO MAKE THE TURKEY –  According to the American Red Cross, cooking fires nearly double on Thanksgiving Day, occurring more than twice as often as on any other day. Maybe it is because turkey is not something that is on our weekly menu and it needs special handling. Maybe it is because we often have so much to do to prepare for our feast that we are distracted while cooking. But whatever the reason, the last thing you want is an emergency room visit, or a house fire on the holiday. So here are some common-sense holiday cooking ti ...

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