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Your Trash, Talks! Saving Yourself from the Stress of a Break –In.

You feel so very violated. You arrive home after a wonderful weeklong “de-stressing” vacation, park the car in the driveway, turn the key, open the door and step inside. Suddenly you realize that something is a bit askew. Nothing is where it should be. And then you realize it. You have been robbed.   You don’t understand it. You stopped mail and newspaper delivery, had automatic timers placed on the lights and asked your neighbor to mow your lawn while you were gone, why did this happen? You did everything the checklist on the "Safety Tips Website"  told you to. Most thieves are not stupid. They read the same “Safety Tips” lists that you do. They know what you are thinking. Often, modern thieves do not pick a house at random. They have been scoping out the neighborhood long before you were the chosen one and they did their research before they decided to give you the honor of their breaking into your home. Preparing to NOT be a victim happens long before you pack ...

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On The Road Again, Spring Break Safety

It is a rite of passage, a ritual for high school and college students to pack up their sunscreen, grab their bikini’s or skis, pile in a car or jump on a plane and head out for a week of adventures. Spring break and the Senior Class trip are steeped in traditions, mayhem and glorious memories. Many years from now students recall fondly who they were with, what they did and what they got away with. But for the 99% of kids who return home with sunburn and overpriced tourist t-shirts, there are always stories that surface of students who ended up robbed, injured, or worse. We want you to have an amazing time, but we want you to be safe. So here are some quick tips for your amazing adventure.  ON THE ROAD AGAIN! 1. If your mode of transportation is automobile, have the car checked by a licensed mechanic before you drive your first mile. Nothing is more disruptive, dangerous, or expensive then breaking down on the road, days from home. AAA has a great checklist for you to use (below) and inv ...

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