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Time to consider Earthquake Insurance. Yes, you read that correctly.

I know that you read the headline to my blog and thought, “who is he kidding? He’s just another insurance agent trying to get me to purchase something that I absolutely do not need.  Next he will try to sell me space travel insurance.”  But before you snicker, here are some truly alarming, very recent facts that support the statement above: According to U.S. Geological Survey data, January and February 2016 recorded SEVEN low magnitude earthquakes in TWO months. In 2015 we had FIVE total for the entire 12-month period. From the year 2000 through the year 2015, the New York Tri-State area experienced over 40 earthquakes that registered 2.0 or below in a 15-year time span. From the year 1900 to 1999, the New York area experienced a total of 35 minor tremors in a 100-year time-frame. According to geologist Alexander Gates of Rutgers University, the seismic activity in this region has been increasing steadily over the decades and he has predicted that the trend ...

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