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#ArriveAlive: The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

We’ve all done it. Staying out late for work, or a ballgame or maybe dinner with friends and now it is time to head home. You pull out of the parking lot, head out on the road and suddenly a wave of exhausting and drowsiness envelops you and you have miles to go. You think to yourself, open a window? Maybe if you blast the radio? Maybe if you close one eye for a while and rest it, and then close the other eye for just a moment. In a split-second you are heading across the yellow line or on a direct trajectory with a telephone pole. First a few statistics about drowsy driving: According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly ¼ of all adults in the U.S. claim to know someone personally who has fallen asleep at the wheel. 70 Million adults are sleep deprived or suffer from sleep disorders. It is a major contributor to car crashes. (Source: American Automobile Association) One out of six deadly traffic accidents are a direct result of drowsy driving. And each year, the ...

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Let's Make Sure Every Seat Is Occupied at High School Graduation

This Friday night is the Warwick Valley High School Prom. Students will spend this week at local nail studios, hair salons, and make-up counters; running to dry cleaners, florists, and barbers.  Photos will be snapped by joyous, tear-filled parents. Giggles between girlfriends as their dates arrive. A night to remember followed by after-parties and trips the following morning down the Parkway to the beaches of New Jersey. It is such a wonderful time of the year to be young. So many events. So much excitement. So many high school seniors and juniors on the road with their brand new driver’s licenses. But statistically, the season of Spring, is the scariest time of the year for young adults to get behind the wheel. According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, with June being the month with the most fatalities. Couple, probationary and newly licensed drivers without extended behind the wheel experience; with spring fever, pumped up expectations and a carl ...

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