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Even Pokemon Go has Insurance Implications and Safety Issues :)

My office is located on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Warwick. South Street and Main. The windows overlook the streets and we have a bird’s eye view of the all the crazy happenings that occur on a daily basis. Jaywalking, parking tickets, the occasional street argument and road rage. During the summer, when school is out, Warwick becomes particularly quiet and sleepy. It is as if the entire town packs up and leaves for sunnier destinations… Except something strange has occurred in the last three weeks to change this quiet little country town into the land of Pikachu seeking Zombies …. The "Pokemon Go" phenomenon. Now honestly I do believe that anything that makes teenagers and sedentary children rise from the couch, leave the house and walk is a great idea. And Nintendo has done an outstanding job with Pokemon Go, forcing kids to earn points and capture creatures by simply moving.  But I have also seen some really dangerous safety issues when people are playing, ...

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