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FIRE: It Takes Less Than Five Minutes To Consume Your Home

Most likely if you watch the evening news or log into any social media platform you have heard about the Sand fire outside of Los Angeles. Horrible, uncontrollable rage of flames spreading far and wide. As of my writing this, 18 structures have been destroyed, countless acres burned, property loss has been extensive, thank God there has been no loss of life. Last year our west coast offices in Washington were damaged by wildfires that were consuming towns in the Northwest. Luckily we were able to rebuild, but many residents lost their homes, their possessions, their treasures that are irreplaceable. Conditions this summer are ripe for wildfire, no matter where you live. In New York, you can smell the scent of pop-up brush fires that are occurring in local forests and farmer’s fields right outside the front door of your house. Since the National Weather Service is predicting that this drought could last until late October, I thought it might be an optimal time to give you some tips on how to prev ...

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Special Leap Year Edition: What changed, what remains.

I wanted this week’s blog to be a bit different and special since I am posting it on Monday February 29th. 2016 is a “Leap Year” and today is the extra day. Personally my thoughts on Leap Year are very practical. I always wondered “why” if you are going to add an extra day to the year, would you want to add it in February. Wouldn’t an extra day in June or July, when the weather is so much nicer be more welcome? I doubt that anyone wants to extend the month of February, (doesn’t almost everyone root for the groundhog to NOT see his shadow, and spring to arrive early?). Seems like bad planning or the decision of someone who loves winter and to ski. But since the last February 29th was in 2012, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on what has changed in my agency since the last time we, “leaped”. Four years ago, my company Warwick Resource Group was a three office, independent insurance agency with our headquarters in Warwick, NY. We were ...

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