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One of the best Business Insurance Policies, that many Businesses Owners May Not Know About.

It happens more than you would imagine, and the phone call is enough to make your heart race. An alarm has been triggered at your business and the firetrucks and police on their way.  Or a water main has broken, or a wind storm has done damage to the roof.Fire, Flood, Wind, all the things that insurance was designed to protect your business from. Once the disaster occurs, your insurance policy will kick into action and claims will be filed, remediation and restoration will commence. But what happens when you cannot get your business back up and running quickly? What if the situation is out of your control, and it will take weeks before you can open your doors and welcome clients and customers again? How do you keep your staff members from departing, your bottom line solid, your bills paid and your business still floating (when depending on the source, 25% to 40% of all businesses that experience this kind of loss, close permanently?)  BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE:  ...

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