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You Should Not Hire a Single Staff Member Until You Look Into This Important Buiness Coverage.

There was a time when insurance was purchased by clients to protect themselves from disasters, misfortune, and catastrophe from nature, accidents and irresponsibility.  But insurance has evolved and expanded over the years due to the fact that, society has become extremely litigious. People will sue for the craziest things, and often businesses and employers are targeted from their own employees. Whether the circumstances are due to a rise in unemployment, companies down-sizing, a struggling economy or the belief that “I am not hurting the business, because the insurance company pays,” employee suits against business owners have risen dramatically over the last 10 years with an increase of over 13%. And although all the lawyers that I deal with personally and professionally are responsible and conscientious, there are those that know all about liability and how to work the insurance system for financial gain. In the last few years, I have heard numerous stories of “my employees ...

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