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Yep, that was a Tornado.

Saturday evening Feb 25th, at approximately 5:30pm, a line of storms raged through Northern Pennsylvania and swept into the Hudson Valley. After an almost uncomfortably warm series of days, this cold front came though bringing with it hail, high winds and a tornado! A weather service team says the tornado in the Pittston Township area of Luzerne County, PA will be classified as an EF-2 with wind speeds of 120 mph. David Elmore, deputy coordinator of the Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency, said about 30 homes were damaged, six seriously, in Pittston. Most people who reside in the New York Tri-State area are always a bit shocked when they hear of a tornado touching down in their backyards. Many seem to believe that tornados are simply a problem of “The Plains” …  residing in the flat Mid-West or Southern States. According to data from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, during January, there were 138 preliminary tornado reports. This is almost four times greater than ...

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Oh no. Where did all of my clients information go?!?

I find it fascinating … I have been immersed in the insurance industry for close to 30 years now. I serve on industry boards, I speak at conferences and my clients consist of businessmen from Fortune 500 companies to the Mom and Pop shop down from our Corporate Headquarters. I have sat with entrepreneurs that are just beginning in the world of small business, to executives who have 40 years in their chosen industry. They often inquire as to my opinion on insurance for their company and I am happy to give them advice and recommendations. But it is simply fascinating to me that often when I mention Cyber-Security Insurance, businessmen that I am speaking to, often look at me with confusion, unsureness and complete doubt. It seems to me, that many business people, I talk to, are under the false impression that: *We are too large to have any security issues – Our company has invested into the most sophisticated firewalls and blocking mechanisms currently available for our information system ...

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But He Just Entered Kindergarten! Insurance Tips for Students Leaving For College

I am sure that you feel like I am rushing things. I understand that your child has barely taken off his cap and gown and the high school diploma has not been framed and hung in the family room yet; but it is the second week of July and time is moving forward.  In less than six weeks, he will be heading off to college lugging pillows and comforters, stockpiles of shampoo and Axe Spray. Making checklists and searching the aisles of Walmart and Target for printer paper, bathroom cleaner and posters to decorate the dorm walls. You might think you have everything completed the day you leave the driveway and head towards the next four years of your child’s life. But you may be forgetting something.  What about insurance? Most people do not consider the insurance ramifications of sending a child off to live away from home. But it is a life-altering event and insurance plays a part in making sure that he is protected and secure when he is out of your sight. There are two specific insurance p ...

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Midnight, On the Highway and Your Car Breaks Down, Now What?

It happened just two weeks ago. A few miles from our Corporate Office. A mother, her elementary school-aged daughter, a family friend and two dogs were driving in their  Volkswagen Passat on Inter-State 84 at 4am when the car ran out of gas in the right-hand travel lane. The mother proceeded to activate the cars emergency flashers and  call 911 to seek assistance. Three minutes into the call the car was rear-ended by a tractor trailer and all were killed. No one knows exactly what happened. The truck driver did not see the blinking lights on the rear of the auto until it was too late for him to stop on the roadway. The problem was compounded by the fact that the auto remained in the travel lane of a two lane, highly trafficked, interstate, after it ran out of fuel.With summer approaching, vacation season "ramping up", college students home for the summer and families embarking on road trips, June would serve as the optimal time to share some automobile safety reminders. With an emphasis on what to ...

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Protecting your child from a bully, just got a little bit easier

It is unfortunate, but many parents will find themselves in this situation sometime in their child’s lives. Your tear-filled daughter will approach you one evening, usually clutching her smart phone or laptop.  She will tremble as she shows you the horrifically mean, totally out of bounds, unbelievably nasty posts about her that are sailing across social media. Maybe someone created a Facebook group to bash her. Maybe they posted a video telling her to harm herself.  Maybe a “not so flattering” photo of her was making the rounds between the student body of her school. Cyber-Bulling can take many forms. As a parent you are responsible to protect your child, but cyber-bullying is an entirely new frontier.  There is no end to what “Cyber-Bullying” can do to a child’s reputation, their self-image and worth. And removing the damaging information is difficult … it takes on a life of it’s own, it grows and permeates all aspects of your life, 24 x7&rd ...

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Cross at the Green, Not In Between: 10% Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities in 2015

First of all, be very careful when crossing the street. I know that your mother probably shouted that at you every time you left the house when you were a child, and it may seem like redundant advice, but recent statistics show that some people are not listening. Two weeks ago in Paramus, NJ, a young pedestrian was hit by an SUV while crossing Route 17 by Paramus Park Mall. She was illegally crossing a 6 lane highway, when an overpass with a sidewalk was less than 100 feet away. We had a tragedy in Warwick last November, where a pedestrian was walking to her volunteer position at the local hospital, assumed that drivers would see her and stop as she proceeded into the crosswalk, and she was hit by a local resident who was heading home from work. Sun glare off of the front window of the auto was cited as reason for the collision.  Search “Pedestrian Hit” on Google and click on the “News” category and not only will you receive over 200,000 hits, but new news stori ...

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Time to consider Earthquake Insurance. Yes, you read that correctly.

I know that you read the headline to my blog and thought, “who is he kidding? He’s just another insurance agent trying to get me to purchase something that I absolutely do not need.  Next he will try to sell me space travel insurance.”  But before you snicker, here are some truly alarming, very recent facts that support the statement above: According to U.S. Geological Survey data, January and February 2016 recorded SEVEN low magnitude earthquakes in TWO months. In 2015 we had FIVE total for the entire 12-month period. From the year 2000 through the year 2015, the New York Tri-State area experienced over 40 earthquakes that registered 2.0 or below in a 15-year time span. From the year 1900 to 1999, the New York area experienced a total of 35 minor tremors in a 100-year time-frame. According to geologist Alexander Gates of Rutgers University, the seismic activity in this region has been increasing steadily over the decades and he has predicted that the trend ...

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On The Road Again, Spring Break Safety

It is a rite of passage, a ritual for high school and college students to pack up their sunscreen, grab their bikini’s or skis, pile in a car or jump on a plane and head out for a week of adventures. Spring break and the Senior Class trip are steeped in traditions, mayhem and glorious memories. Many years from now students recall fondly who they were with, what they did and what they got away with. But for the 99% of kids who return home with sunburn and overpriced tourist t-shirts, there are always stories that surface of students who ended up robbed, injured, or worse. We want you to have an amazing time, but we want you to be safe. So here are some quick tips for your amazing adventure.  ON THE ROAD AGAIN! 1. If your mode of transportation is automobile, have the car checked by a licensed mechanic before you drive your first mile. Nothing is more disruptive, dangerous, or expensive then breaking down on the road, days from home. AAA has a great checklist for you to use (below) and inv ...

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Auto Insurance and Telematics: Big Brother may save you money

Many insurance companies are asking policyholders to install sensors in their automobiles in order to gauge their driving abilities. A device provided by car insurance carriers plugs into the auto’s data port, downloads onto a smartphone via a mobile app or can be utilized through onboard communications systems such as Onstar. The device collects information on mileage, braking, turns, acceleration, and what time of day the car is being used. The device, (called a “Telematic”) transmits the data to the company, which uses it to rate drivers. Traditionally, companies have gauged liability and risk based on parameters of socio-economic demographics, accident history, claims history, payment history and credit score. But Telematics supplies real data on the client, which can prove to be benefit to the policyholder’s insurance premium or reward customers with points that can be redeemed for gifts. There are advantages and disadvantages to installing a “Telematic” in your au ...

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Happy First Day of Winter ... Where is the Snow?

So far, Winter Weather in the northeast has consisted mostly of heavy frosts and wind storms. I know it is bizarre to think about a topic such as Winter Weather Preparedness in one of the warmest Decembers on record. I can hear the hum of motorcycles from my office as I compose this. But an any point the tide can turn and we can be buried under four feet of blizzard. Today is only the first day of winter. And being prepared for winter begins BEFORE the first flake falls.

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