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The difference between dry possessions and a soaked home is simply a couple of inches.

June 1st is less than 20 days away …. a little over two weeks. To many people, June is a month filled with flowers, weddings and graduations. Open the pool, spark up the grill, count the days until vacation, these are all good things.The downside of June is that it is also the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which extends from June 1st through November 30th. It has been a few years since Sandy and Irene; and more than a decade since Hurricane Katrina. Over time, people tend to quickly forget and move on from these events. Life becomes business as usual and the memory of the catastrophe seems to soften. So I am imploring you to consider talking to your insurance agency about the importance of Flood Insurance; now, this minute, immediately. I have personally witnessed the devastation that can occur to families that have had to deal with flash floods, clogged municipal sewer systems, and 14 days of driving endless rain. The horror of watching the water creeping slowly towards the house and t ...

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Special Leap Year Edition: What changed, what remains.

I wanted this week’s blog to be a bit different and special since I am posting it on Monday February 29th. 2016 is a “Leap Year” and today is the extra day. Personally my thoughts on Leap Year are very practical. I always wondered “why” if you are going to add an extra day to the year, would you want to add it in February. Wouldn’t an extra day in June or July, when the weather is so much nicer be more welcome? I doubt that anyone wants to extend the month of February, (doesn’t almost everyone root for the groundhog to NOT see his shadow, and spring to arrive early?). Seems like bad planning or the decision of someone who loves winter and to ski. But since the last February 29th was in 2012, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on what has changed in my agency since the last time we, “leaped”. Four years ago, my company Warwick Resource Group was a three office, independent insurance agency with our headquarters in Warwick, NY. We were ...

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The "Buy Button" - Taking the client experience to the next level

(The following blog has been transcribed from our C.O.O. Keith A. Savino's recent presentation on the "Future of Insurance" at the Acord Conference.) It has been an interesting 15 plus years talking about the opportunity for insurance agents to extend the purchase of insurance out to their customers and the ability for us to offer our clients, a good customer experience from the point of sale perspective, inside the office or on line, is very important to the independent agency system.The “Buy Button” will be empowering the agent to bind a policy 24 x7 whether at the office or offsite, during operating hours or after hours.  and empowering the customer to bind the policy through the agent’s website. Implementing the Buy Button for insurance agencies is a business challenge and for some people in the industry,  it is a philosophical challenge. There are people who believe that the moment they extend the point of sale opportunity to the client, it takes place outside the ...

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