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An industry that will need to fill over 500,000 jobs in 5 years.

January is the time of the calendar year when people begin to make plans. For high school seniors, it is an awakening … after almost 13 years in the school system, they must begin to consider what path to choose to walk the day after their June Graduation. Some students are looking at college, be it four year or community. Some are choosing trade school, to learn a craft. Others are entering the workforce. And there are those teenagers who do not have a solid plan for what will happen to them once they remove their cap and gown. Maybe the cost of college is too prohibitive. Maybe they have simply had it with school and they do not wish to continue classroom learning. But whatever the situation, we want them to have the best future possible, and many young adults have no clue as to what careers are out there.  They need guidance. I work in an industry that will need to fill over 500,000 jobs in the next 5 years. A booming business that continues to grow and flourish and expand over time. Nothi ...

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400,000 New Insurance Jobs Will Open By 2018

 Some interesting statistics concerning the insurance industry over the next couple of years: ·         Nearly half of insurance professionals are 45 and older ·         Over one quarter of those professionals will be retiring by the year 2018. ·         There will be 400,000 new jobs in the insurance industry opening in the next three years. I am aware that the stereotypical image of an insurance professional might seem a bit stodgy, mundane, and flat. The vision is often a “Willie Loman” – styled salesman visiting your living room in the evening to discuss policy options.  But that image is so very far from the truth. High school and college graduates could not make a better decision than choosing the field of insurance and there are many reasons why a future in insurance is a sound investment in your life:  A St ...

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