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One of the most important insurance policies you will ever own .... that many people overlook

True story. Two families lived next to each other for years. The teenagers were best friends since preschool and grew up side-by-side. The mothers were in the PTA and played Bunco every Tuesday night. The fathers golfed in the summer, coached travel hockey in the winter. Holidays, BBQ's and Sunday afternoon Giants games were shared, as the children grew and the years rolled on. One day, when the kids were in high school, they decided to go to an outdoor concert. One of the teenagers grabbed the keys and got behind the wheel of his dad's car. On the way,  a horrific auto accident occurred. Everyone involved was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center for severe trauma.  Luckily, for both families, their children survived the crash, but it took many months of hospitalization, surgery, and rehabilitation for the teens to return to normal.   What began as a unified group of friends and family pulling together to make the kids heal, started slowly unraveling as the hospital bills started arrivi ...

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