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Hello, My Name Is Joyce and I am Calling To Scam You!

Last evening I was sitting in my kitchen and the phone rang. Absorbed in a project, I let the phone call go to voicemail. After completing what I was working on, I pressed the button on the phone and listened to the message. It was a lady’s voice, very professional, sounded “real”. She was informing me that her name was Joyce; she is a Customer Service Representative from Orange and Rockland Utilities and she was calling because records show that I am behind on my account, and for my convenience she would be happy to take the payment information over the phone. Since she missed me she would try again later. I looked at the I.D. on the phone and indeed it said “O & R”. But then I remembered, my account is fine. As a matter of fact, Orange & Rockland owes "me" a credit because I overpaid last quarter. Confused, I called them. The representative from the utility company stated that no call was placed by them to my residence. Furthermore, Orange & Rockland DOES ...

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Four Major Schemes and Scams that Target Senior Citizens

  In my eyes, there is nothing more sickening than scam artists that prey upon our senior citizens. This segment of society is especially vulnerable to fraud, because of their trusting nature and polite manner. They are often uninformed of how technology can be used for nefarious purposes.  Scams have become so sophisticated that often entire bank accounts are depleted in the blink of an eye. Senior Citizens nest eggs and life savings can vanish without a trace. One in every five Americans age 65 or older has been abused financially, according to a 2010 survey by the Investor Protection Trust, a financial-education organization. People 60 years and older were 26 percent of all fraud complaints tracked by the Federal Trade Commission in 2012 -- the most of any age group. True Link Financial found that the overall cost of this fraud is 12 times previous estimates -- more than $36 billion worth. Previously, the most frequently cited estimate of the amount of money lost to elder financ ...

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