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Spring is coming, so is the flooding

I know you are probably sitting in your home right now, reading my blog while curled up by the fire, or enjoying a cup of piping hot coffee, bracing yourself to head out into the late winter temperatures. President’s Day weekend we had record low temperatures in the New York Tri-State Area. Two Sundays ago  the outdoor reading on the thermometer was -7 (with a real feel temperature of -27) …. But although it does not seem like it sometimes, Winter will be winding down shortly, and the warmth of spring and the strong rays of the sun will make everyone feel a lot better. The only unfortunate aspect of the spring thaw is that it is also Flood Season. The months of March, April and May are usually the months that the insurance industry receives the most claim filings for flooding. And according to the National Flood Insurance Program, 25% of claims are filed by people who live outside of high risk areas. Between 2008 and 2012 the average flood claim in the United States was over $41,000. A ...

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Don’t Let Hurricane Season Blow You Away

June 1st is the official beginning of the Hurricane Season. So far the Atlantic it has been experiencing a relatively calm period with no tropical cyclone activity expected in the Atlantic during the next 48 hours.  That can change drastically in the blink of an eye. One of the most important facts that I inform our policyholders (and that many people are unaware of) is that a Flood Insurance Policy has a 30-Day Waiting Period from date of purchase until the policy goes into effect. Many people delay obtaining a plan until they hear of an impending storm and at that point it can be too late. It is better to prepare now, and then get locked out. To learn more about your flooding risk and how to protect yourself and your business, visit the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration (NFIP) Web site, or call 1-800-427-2419. We can also help you to understand your risk at As the Boy Scouts of America always say &hell ...

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Save Yourself From Grief. This is the Perfect Time To Review Your Insurance Policies

It may seem strange, while cleaning out your gutters from winter debris and seeding your lawn for spring, to think about the possible damage you may have from storms and floods in the coming months. But now is the idyllic time to check your homeowners, flood and umbrella policies to make sure that your coverage is complete. The biggest (and most frequent) mistake most policyholders make, is to check their insurance policies AFTER a disaster occurs, which is a time filled with stress and confusion. Below are some tips that may help you to manage the process of filing an insurance claim, BEFORE you need do so, and WHEN you need to do so….  Leave the Damage For the Claims Adjuster to Witness - It is vitally important that the accident area not be cleaned up and fixed. You should secure the area from any further damage and further deterioration, but only make necessary fixes.  A claims adjuster needs to witness the damage in order to correctly and accurately list all the destruction ...

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