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Hello, My Name Is Joyce and I am Calling To Scam You!

Last evening I was sitting in my kitchen and the phone rang. Absorbed in a project, I let the phone call go to voicemail. After completing what I was working on, I pressed the button on the phone and listened to the message. It was a lady’s voice, very professional, sounded “real”. She was informing me that her name was Joyce; she is a Customer Service Representative from Orange and Rockland Utilities and she was calling because records show that I am behind on my account, and for my convenience she would be happy to take the payment information over the phone. Since she missed me she would try again later. I looked at the I.D. on the phone and indeed it said “O & R”. But then I remembered, my account is fine. As a matter of fact, Orange & Rockland owes "me" a credit because I overpaid last quarter. Confused, I called them. The representative from the utility company stated that no call was placed by them to my residence. Furthermore, Orange & Rockland DOES ...

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