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Cyber Criminals - More than Just the Geek in the Basement

Usually in movies they are portrayed as a maniacal recluse. Sitting in front of multiple computer screens, with AC/DC blasting and crumpled cups of coffee and Red Bull scattered all over the desk and the floor. Or as a “V for Vendetta”, Guy Fawkes-styled freedom fighters with a score to settle. Cyber Criminals, Hackers, Data Thieves are the designations we have given them. And they come in all shapes, sizes and forms, from all walks of life, male/female, rich and poor. Their motivation is as varied as their backgrounds. Some choose to become hackers because they seek revenge on someone who betrayed them. This category includes employees of businesses; citizens angry against the government; lovers who feel they have been wronged. Other cyber criminals are looking for monetary gain, often holding data “hostage”. Businesses need to pay a “ransom’ to receive a “key” to be able to unlock and access their data. Since the inception of mainframes and shared/networke ...

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One of the biggest “holes” in your defense against a data breach is the cell phone.

I was fascinated to read the results of a recent survey from the Ponemon Institute (for Cyber Research) A little background first, the Ponemon Institute was founded in 2002 by Dr. Larry Ponemon. Headquartered in Michigan, the Ponemon Institute is considered the pre-eminent research center dedicated to privacy, data protection and information security policy. They publish multiple monthly reports, surveys and data concerning all things “cyber.” The following TWITTER post jumped out at me when I was scrolling through the site last week: 51% of respondents on a recent survey do not take any steps to protect the data that is connected to their cell phones. (Ponemon Institute) That is a shocking statistic and I was so amazed at that sentence that I downloaded the entire report and read each word (link to website below) It gets a bit worse… Here are the accompanying statistics: ·      Only 20 percent of respondents describe their use of smartphones or table ...

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