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Cybersecurity: It’s A Game and They Are Winning

It is similar to a Chess Game, but different: Each day, the small business owner is busy focusing on running his shop. He has customers to please, suppliers to deal with, product to promote and daily issues to address. He has little time each day to consider of all the ramifications of making sure that all his data is protected. He knows that it is important, but with all his responsibilities, he cannot give this aspect of his business, the attention it deserves. The hacker, sits in front of the computer, focused on the task of stealing your data. That is his day, his purpose, his job and he is very good at it.  He knows that the small business owner has many things to concentrate on. He understands “small business vulnerability” and he uses it to his advantage. He also knows that big business has teams dedicated to making sure that their data is secure and firewalls are strong, so he chooses to target the mom and pop shops. One player is focused on the game, the other di ...

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Finally, businesses are listening to this great advice

An article came across my desk last week, that immediately caught my attention. A recent story in CFO online magazine has given me the news I had been hoping for. Finally, I am seeing the results of everything I have been working for, recommending, advocating and advising my clients, for the last 10-years…. Love this statistic: “A September survey by the Risk and Insurance Management Society found that 80% of the companies recently surveyed, purchased a stand-alone cyber-security policy in 2016.” The takeaway: Policies covering exclusively cyber exposures are becoming the new normal for many large companies. Yahoo! Mail, is one of the largest and latest data hacks that has grab headlines since Sept 22nd. More than 500 million users saw their passwords, phone numbers and other information accessed in an ongoing data breach. This continuous cavalcade of data breaches, ransom-ware, cyber extortions, theft of trade secrets and theft of intellectual property, has affected major corporation ...

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CYBER - is it just well.... CYBER ? Quick Thoughts and Questions to Ponder

Sometimes it is good to quickly talk about a topic. So here are a few short and sweet thoughts to get your mental juices flowing.  How many people think that Cyber liability is just about something Cyber.. like computers. ?  Cyber Liability is probably not the best way to "Title" the type of coverages that could be available.   For example your "Data" could be paper files. Not what you though about cyber right ? Critical infrastructure, Personal Info, your Reputation, Regulatory responsibilities (state and federal rules) are all considerations when trying to understand  what you are trying to protect, or have some money for claims, defense costs and regulatory fines,  should you be involved.   Some questions to ask yourself: 1. Do I have customers ? If Yes, well that means you need to look into managing your risk 2. Do I work with or engage with any one of the critical infrastructures as defined by the US Govt ? If Yes, you need to research. 3. Do I really know what cybe ...

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