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National Cyber Security Awareness Month … Why Insurance is the only TRUE protection in the war of Cyber-Security …

October is National Cyber-Security Awareness Month. Not many people are knowledgeable of this fact, as October is filled with many causes and national observances. But the purpose of designated months is to break through the clutter and serve as a quick reminder. Although we have made great strides in the last two years to make business owners aware of the issues, some are still at, what I refer to as, the “disregard” stage when the topic of “Cyber-Security” is raised.  For many, Cyber-Security is simply a headline on the nightly news, a sound bite, a bit of conversation that passes through. It doesn’t seem real. They consider it something that happens to other companies, other businesses that are not vigilant. Ironically even businesses that are aware, take precautions, know the risks and attempt to secure their information, can often find themselves vulnerable. I was curious to read stories of small business owners and their thoughts on Cyber-Security and I was n ...

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Cyber-Crime: Simple Ways To Help Keep Your Data Secure

Most consumers are savvy enough to understand the basics of how to protect your private information from cyber criminals. Secure websites, periodically changing your passwords, distinctive alpha numeric passwords are all aspects of safeguarding your information. But with each improvement made to keep our private information “private,” cyber criminals are looking to attack us and get the details they desire, via other means.

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