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Deer in the Headlights: It's Mating Season for Bucks, Does, Bears and Cows

Romance is in their air during the months of October through December in the animal kingdom. You are driving down the highway during dawn to work, or home at dusk. Suddenly out of nowhere, a 5-point 400-pound Buck leaps smack into the middle of the road. Sounds ridiculous, but it happens, often this time of the year and on a daily basis. Just ask any auto shop or insurance carrier, who claim to have an uptick of animal-to-vehicle collisions of over 25% during fall. According to the odds of a deer collision are increasing. The population of white-tail deer has escalated to 30 million. That is over 100 times more than a century ago. The odds of hitting a dear are 1 in 169 during the year, but that figure doubles from autumn through early winter as mating and migration season for many large animals commences and the freeways are filled with them. Loss of their natural habitats due to population growth and sprawl, plus decreasing deer hunts have added to an increase in the deer population in su ...

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