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660,000 U.S. Drivers are behind the wheel, using their cell phones, at this moment

Stand on the sidewalk of any high traffic, high volume street corner in “Any Town, USA” and observe for one hour. ·      How many people drive by, looking down at their laps? ·      How many drivers have their cell phones to their ears? ·      Who has one hand on the wheel because they are applying lipstick, sipping coffee, examining wrinkles, reading a map, or Google searching a great local restaurant? Eye opening isn’t it? I think is is shocking and scary. As a father of two teenagers, I am astounded that almost ½ of the people I notice driving, do not have their eyes on the road. I don’t know a single community that hasn’t experienced the devastation of a student or individual being seriously hurt in an auto accident, where the determining factor was somehow related to inattentive driving. Too many people are ending up in emergency rooms, hospital beds and ...

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