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Carbon Monoxide - Over 15,000 Individuals are Poisoned Every Year

One morning very soon, we will wake up and a chill will be in the air, frost will cover the grass and we will be able to see our breath. Many homeowners will rise from bed and hit the thermostat, stock a pellet or wood burning stove with fuel, or start a gas-powered generator, to heat up their homes. But while these families go through the chores of their day, some will be unaware that a silent, deadly toxin is invading and slowly filling their homes: Carbon Monoxide.  Scary statistics - According to the CDC:   At least 15,000 individuals are sent to the emergency room every year due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. At least 439 people die of unintentional, non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning every year, new CDC statistics show. But that number does not represent the entire total, only 13 states require doctors to report carbon monoxide related deaths. And not surprisingly, most carbon deaths and injuries occur during the months of January and December when the weather is ...

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