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Why I would recommend a career in the insurance industry to students

Have you ever viewed the movie “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon? Jack plays the role of C.C. Baxter,  an insurance executive. To have him explain his career in his own words: “I work for an insurance company - Consolidated Life of New York. We're one of the top five companies in the country. Our home office has 31,259 employees, … I work on the 19th floor. Ordinary Policy Department, Premium Accounting Division, Section W, desk number 861."  You can imagine the accompanying visual on your own, rows of desks, filing cabinets, adding machines, men in thin ties, Oxford shoes, Hickey Freeman suits. And not surprisingly, this is exactly how many people perceive what the day to day is like in the insurance industry . Constant drudgery, spreadsheets, the drone of ticking clocks. A snooze-fest. Why would anyone want to chose to enter the field of insurance? Today, February 1st marks the first annual and inaugural, "Insurance Careers Month", &ldqu ...

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Making the Difference In the Life of a Student

Every Spring, when the school system begins to gear up for High School Graduation, there is huge amount of celebration and announcements concerning the Senior Class. In the lead up to the ceremony, the local community publishes a list of Universities and Trade Schools that the graduates are going to attend in the fall. And although the school systems generally do a fine job in preparing children to move onto higher education, there is a segment of every class that is at a loss what to do after the diploma is handed to them. Maybe they cannot afford the crushing cost of college tuition.   Maybe sitting in a classroom and learning for four more years is just not something they aspire to.  Maybe they lack direction because there is no one there to steer them.  One of the worst things that can happen is that they end up making poor choices or do nothing. Realizing that there is a need to give these young adults some direction, and combining it with the statistic that over 400,000 jobs in t ...

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