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One of the biggest fire dangers in your home, that you don't even notice

They seem so innocuous. Lining the walls of your home, blending into the rooms like pieces of the furniture. The only time you notice them is when you must plug in or unplug an appliance. Electrical outlets seem like such a low maintenance aspect of your home. Dust them occasionally when cleaning the floors and you are good to go. Let’s try an experiment. BING the the term, “Electrical Outlet” and look under the NEWS headings. Astonishing, the amount of news stories appearing that deal with fires and fatalities determined to be caused by electrical outlets. The Fire Department of New York released a report on 1/9/17 stating that: “The Highest Cause of Fire Deaths in 2016 was “electrical”. Per the department's statistics, 14 of the 48 fire-related deaths in New York City last year were due to electrical issues. Overworked, under-maintained sockets or power cords were to blame for the fatalities.*** So, how do you keep from having your home become a statistic? Th ...

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