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It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt!

How many videos have you seen on YouTube or on Spike TV, that show passionate and delighted revelers gathered on the street or in their driveways, lighting fuses for a gathering crowd, a look of anticipation on their faces? The fuse begins to spark and shine and suddenly before everyone can back away, an explosion. The firework detonates prematurely. Sometimes it is harmless fun; sometimes a trip in an ambulance occurs; sometimes a fire sparks and property gets severely damaged. In 2015, New York State has legally approved the use of "Novelty" fireworks for consumer use for two limited time periods in July and December in select areas/counties. Fireworks are still illegal in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut).   Although I do not know any statistics of anyone being harmed by the use of fireworks in the state, I thought with the upcoming July 4th three-day weekend on the horizon, it would be a good time to brush up on your safety skills when it comes to novelty explosives. One of the statisti ...

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