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Off to college they go .... but what about insurance ....

Since the day your child  was born, you have been doing everything you can to protect them. Security blankets, crib bumpers, knee pads, helmets, AAA Auto Car Protection and cell phones so he can call home, anytime. And quite shockingly, and almost unexpectedly  your teen will be heading out on their own in a few weeks, headed for college. No doubt, you’ve been spending the last few months on a tear, contacting roommates, chasing financial aid, filling shopping carts with bedding, funky posters and Ramen noodles. But most likely, you probably didn’t consider the insurance you may need for your college student. It generally slips people’s mind, until a problem or claim occurs.  Following are some points to consider when it comes to your college student's insurance needs: •   Auto Insurance •   Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance 1.    AUTO INSURANCE: Although it is true that you may be able to save some extra money ...

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The Branch Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree … Watching my Son Dominick Entering the World of Business

There is a saying that “we are our parents.” I see so much of myself in my son Dominick. We have the same spirit. The same drive.

 Dominick is 16 years old and entering his junior year. He is the type of student that thrives in the more physical curriculum of his high school. His passion is constructing, creating and improving his surroundings. He wants to build a better world, one brick at a time.

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There are over 300 security/data breaches every single minute...

The NYSE halted trading last week due to a “technical issue”.  Almost every headline and ticker running on CNN, CNBC, or The New York Times immediately blasted the message: “Officials Deny Cyber-Attack.” The Wall Street Journal and United Airlines followed up that day with their own computer issues. It’s become the first “go to” thought in everyone’s mind every time a snafu, a glitch or a complication occurs, Data Breach, Cyber Attack, and Security Compromise.  All data and computer infrastructure has become vulnerable.

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FIREWORKS: You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Each summer, in the weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, nightly news reports will inevitably show enthusiastic firecracker fans accidentally blowing off fingers and toes because they take it upon themselves to entertain family and friends with fireworks. Accompanying the reports are usually statistics of emergency room visits, severe burns and even deaths. The State of New York, recently legalized the sale of “small fireworks or sparkling devices” in some of the counties north of New York City in the weeks leading up to July 4th.  (Fireworks are still illegal in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut).  Time will tell if this new legislation will lead to a huge spike in the statistics.  I have included a list of safety tips, below, so that you do not become an “emergency room” patient. One of the statistics that is almost never reported on the news is rather amazing. Independence Day is typically the busiest day of the year for fires, and approximately 20,000 f ...

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