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Even Pokemon Go has Insurance Implications and Safety Issues :)

My office is located on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Warwick. South Street and Main. The windows overlook the streets and we have a bird’s eye view of the all the crazy happenings that occur on a daily basis. Jaywalking, parking tickets, the occasional street argument and road rage. During the summer, when school is out, Warwick becomes particularly quiet and sleepy. It is as if the entire town packs up and leaves for sunnier destinations… Except something strange has occurred in the last three weeks to change this quiet little country town into the land of Pikachu seeking Zombies …. The "Pokemon Go" phenomenon. Now honestly I do believe that anything that makes teenagers and sedentary children rise from the couch, leave the house and walk is a great idea. And Nintendo has done an outstanding job with Pokemon Go, forcing kids to earn points and capture creatures by simply moving.  But I have also seen some really dangerous safety issues when people are playing, ...

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Protecting your child from a bully, just got a little bit easier

It is unfortunate, but many parents will find themselves in this situation sometime in their child’s lives. Your tear-filled daughter will approach you one evening, usually clutching her smart phone or laptop.  She will tremble as she shows you the horrifically mean, totally out of bounds, unbelievably nasty posts about her that are sailing across social media. Maybe someone created a Facebook group to bash her. Maybe they posted a video telling her to harm herself.  Maybe a “not so flattering” photo of her was making the rounds between the student body of her school. Cyber-Bulling can take many forms. As a parent you are responsible to protect your child, but cyber-bullying is an entirely new frontier.  There is no end to what “Cyber-Bullying” can do to a child’s reputation, their self-image and worth. And removing the damaging information is difficult … it takes on a life of it’s own, it grows and permeates all aspects of your life, 24 x7&rd ...

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5 Reasons Why Every Driver Should Invest in a Dashcam

It happens so suddenly. You are cruising along in your auto, humming to your favorite song on the radio, and a split second later, you are wondering what happened?  Is everyone alright? and did I do something to cause this? Auto accidents usually occur quickly, without warning and often the sequence of events gets muddled in the aftermath. Was it my fault? Was it the other driver’s fault? Recollection of what exactly happened can be impossible. Police arrive, all involved parties and witnesses tell their side of the story. Wait? What? The other driver claims it was my fault. I don’t remember it that way. This is just one reason, why I am advocating and strongly suggesting that my clients consider investing in a Dashcam. A dashcam or dashboard camera is a continuous loop mounted video camera that records the view through a vehicle's front windshield. Dashcams can be attached directly onto the inside of the vehicle (glass or dashboard) and removed when exiting your auto.  It may be at ...

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Special Leap Year Edition: What changed, what remains.

I wanted this week’s blog to be a bit different and special since I am posting it on Monday February 29th. 2016 is a “Leap Year” and today is the extra day. Personally my thoughts on Leap Year are very practical. I always wondered “why” if you are going to add an extra day to the year, would you want to add it in February. Wouldn’t an extra day in June or July, when the weather is so much nicer be more welcome? I doubt that anyone wants to extend the month of February, (doesn’t almost everyone root for the groundhog to NOT see his shadow, and spring to arrive early?). Seems like bad planning or the decision of someone who loves winter and to ski. But since the last February 29th was in 2012, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on what has changed in my agency since the last time we, “leaped”. Four years ago, my company Warwick Resource Group was a three office, independent insurance agency with our headquarters in Warwick, NY. We were ...

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Do you have customers? Yes. Then you need cyber-liability coverage.

  The evolution of technology to become consumer-facing, followed by the real embracing of consumer  smart phone technology had a lot to do with raising peoples awareness of data and privacy issues.  But anyone who deals with technology, or has been for many many years dealing with security, has always been aware of the importance of keeping people out of the data that they are not supposed to have access to. So this concept of privacy and data security,  is not really new to anyone, it is simply in vogue, right now to speak about it. Fifteen years ago those of us who have been aware of the risks of data, were the "Chicken Littles" of the world. We ran around telling anyone who would listen that, the sky is falling and we have to do something about data security issues and take ownership of the fact that we have  "Care, Custody and Control" of other people’s data. If someone drops their suit at the dry cleaner they trust you to take care of their property, and if some ...

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Happy First Day of Winter ... Where is the Snow?

So far, Winter Weather in the northeast has consisted mostly of heavy frosts and wind storms. I know it is bizarre to think about a topic such as Winter Weather Preparedness in one of the warmest Decembers on record. I can hear the hum of motorcycles from my office as I compose this. But an any point the tide can turn and we can be buried under four feet of blizzard. Today is only the first day of winter. And being prepared for winter begins BEFORE the first flake falls.

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#Cyber-Aware- If you had a 70% chance of a car accident, you would purchase auto insurance. If you own a small business, you have a 70% chance of a Cyber-Breach

Saturday was the conclusion of Cyber Awareness Month. To give you a bit of background, President Obama designated October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, “to engage and educate public and private sector partners through events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness about cyber-security and increasing the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber incident.” The Department of Homeland Security, whose purpose is to secure the nation from threats, is the designated "lead agency" concerning all civilian computer systems and infrastructure. The department's focus is defensive, (providing and dispersing information to prevent data from becoming compromised) and responsive, (distributing threat warnings, reacting to data breaches). The DHS's mission is simply to make you aware of the threat, work to minimize it, and handle the repercussions when a data breach occurs.  And although the DHS and other government and private sector interests are doing a wonderful job o ...

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month … Why Insurance is the only TRUE protection in the war of Cyber-Security …

October is National Cyber-Security Awareness Month. Not many people are knowledgeable of this fact, as October is filled with many causes and national observances. But the purpose of designated months is to break through the clutter and serve as a quick reminder. Although we have made great strides in the last two years to make business owners aware of the issues, some are still at, what I refer to as, the “disregard” stage when the topic of “Cyber-Security” is raised.  For many, Cyber-Security is simply a headline on the nightly news, a sound bite, a bit of conversation that passes through. It doesn’t seem real. They consider it something that happens to other companies, other businesses that are not vigilant. Ironically even businesses that are aware, take precautions, know the risks and attempt to secure their information, can often find themselves vulnerable. I was curious to read stories of small business owners and their thoughts on Cyber-Security and I was n ...

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Let me answer for you FOUR important questions about Cyber-Liability Insurance Coverage

 Of the many questions I receive when I travel for business or meet with customers, the following is the topic most clients wish to discuss. … “Are data breaches and cyber-security really an issue?” I have heard people remark that cyber-liability is simply another overblown news story, such as Y2K. I have heard it referred to as a  “Chicken Little,” where insurance agencies and carriers are simply running around screaming that the cyber world is falling down.  I sometimes wish this were the case. I would feel much more secure and rest easier knowing that most customers private data and personal information was under lock and key and can never been accessed by the outside world. But every single day, another retailer, healthcare provider, bank, corporation and company report a comprised customer data system. And many do not report breaches at all, nor do many, even know, that their data has been breached.  Target, Sony, Ebay, Adobe, Living Social, Ubisof ...

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Cyber-Crime: Simple Ways To Help Keep Your Data Secure

Most consumers are savvy enough to understand the basics of how to protect your private information from cyber criminals. Secure websites, periodically changing your passwords, distinctive alpha numeric passwords are all aspects of safeguarding your information. But with each improvement made to keep our private information “private,” cyber criminals are looking to attack us and get the details they desire, via other means.

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