Every Spring, when the school system begins to gear up for High School Graduation, there is huge amount of celebration and announcements concerning the Senior Class. In the lead up to the ceremony, the local community publishes a list of Universities and Trade Schools that the graduates are going to attend in the fall. And although the school systems generally do a fine job in preparing children to move onto higher education, there is a segment of every class that is at a loss what to do after the diploma is handed to them.

Maybe they cannot afford the crushing cost of college tuition.   Maybe sitting in a classroom and learning for four more years is just not something they aspire to.  Maybe they lack direction because there is no one there to steer them.  One of the worst things that can happen is that they end up making poor choices or do nothing.

Realizing that there is a need to give these young adults some direction, and combining it with the statistic that over 400,000 jobs in the insurance industry will be available in the next few years, WRG has reached out to the local Warwick School district to introduce high school students to the field of insurance.

To most students, the insurance industry is an antiquated dinosaur. Old men, briefcases, clip-on ties and martini lunches. But that is a stereotype of a bygone era. The scope of a career of insurance reaches out into the disciplines of accounting, marketing, social media, web design, customer relations, technology, information systems, management, claims, bonds and yes, even selling.

The insurance industry is vast, wide and growing with the introduction of new types of insurance on a yearly basis. Cyber-Liability and Privacy Insurance did not even exist until the internet and connectivity were developed in the late 1990s. With drones and self-driving cars, there are new niches in the industry emerging on the horizon.

My company, WRG has taken the lead in the school system to work with other merchants, educators, administrators and local business owners to guide students in an alternative career path to college. This “team” will be planning a series of events that supply students with options over the four years that they are in high school that can help the consider their options after graduation. Job Shadowing, Career Days and possible internships will give students exposure to various fields while still at the high school level.


I am proud that we are taking this important step, helping students seek alternatives to the college track plus bringing new blood and fresh ideas into the insurance industry. Looking forward to making a difference in the life of a student.