During 2014, Warwick Resource Group celebrated it’s Sesquicentennial. 150 Years since our founding companies began selling Fire Insurance for clients purchasing new homes during the Civil War.  Our corporate headquarters has occupied the same historic building on the corner of Main and South Streets in Warwick for almost 100 years. We are a fixture on the block, a mainstay and an institution.

Over the years many other insurance agencies have popped up around us. More then seven in a three-block radius.  Some agencies that opened were considered bit more modern and slick.  They had positioned themselves as “cutting-edge”, “vanguard” and contemporary.  We were considered, the “old guard.”

 WRG felt that it was time to reinvent ourselves. The “150” was the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves to the community, create buzz and celebrate our continued existence and relevance. We wished to be noticed again and stir things up a bit.

1.      Embracing History:  The first step in creating our yearlong campaign was to create a logo that displays our recent company name, (Warwick Resource Group) our historic company name, (Sanford Insurance) and our iconic building. The logo would be positioned beside our current WRG logo to tying the past with the future.

2.      The Talk Of The Town: Articles in the local newspaper, bunting and banners draped along the outside of the building, a new reception area, sprucing up the conference room, bold window signage, balloons, streamers, flags.  We wanted people to “SEE” us again, turn their heads when passing by, wonder what is going on.

3.      Creating a Commotion: A yearlong series of events and promotions were centered around the anniversary. Each occasion would lead up to the final celebration.

  • We launched the 150 buy announcing the event at the Warwick Community Expo in March. Giveaways, cupcakes and a sweepstakes were all focused on an “Americana” theme.  The event included a follow up appearance on the local radio station morning show.  WRG awarded prizes, chatted about local history and discussed the longevity of the company.
  • Open Houses were held beginning with the Memorial Day Parade (which marched right by our office). We welcomed the residents of Warwick to join us for breakfast every Friday during the summer. We opened our doors to the public.
  • Special 150 Contests were held on social media sites such as Facebook.  Followers answered specific historic questions relating to the year of our incorporation, 1864.
  • WRG gave back to the community by sponsoring a local concert in the park, treating the entire crowd to dessert courtesy of WRG via a full Happy Birthday Sheet Cake.
  • We embraced a local Arts and Music non-profit organization that is affiliated with the local school district and became their primary corporate sponsor.
  • And finally we concluded the year with a “150 Bash” at a local restaurant, including local dignitaries, politicians, friends, partners, staff and even VIP’s that have been our clients for over 40 years.

The entire year was centered on the concept of “Celebrating the things that last and looking toward the future, together. Community residents joyfully noticed us and were happy to embrace us again. We helped them to remember the importance of their local history and the preciousness of local business. It was a truly wonderful year.