Some interesting statistics concerning the insurance industry over the next couple of years:

  • ·         Nearly half of insurance professionals are 45 and older
  • ·         Over one quarter of those professionals will be retiring by the year 2018.
  • ·         There will be 400,000 new jobs in the insurance industry opening in the next three years.

I am aware that the stereotypical image of an insurance professional might seem a bit stodgy, mundane, and flat. The vision is often a “Willie Loman” – styled salesman visiting your living room in the evening to discuss policy options.  But that image is so very far from the truth. High school and college graduates could not make a better decision than choosing the field of insurance and there are many reasons why a future in insurance is a sound investment in your life:

 A Steady, Permanent and Solid Industry:  If you look up the history of insurance, you would see that insurance practices could be traced to merchants and traders back to 3rd millennia B.C. The modern age of insurance began with Property/Fire Insurance in the 1600’s. Today there are dozens of policies from business to construction to worker’s comp. health, life, dog-bite, event, wedding, sports and even privacy and cyber-liability insurance … all policies of the modern era. While many industries are becoming antiquated, insurance is growing, expanding and prospering.

Speaking of Growing: Although the corner community insurance agency still exists, as well as the multi-story Manhattan office, there are many other ways that consumers seek insurance coverage in 2015. You can really find a niche that suits your personality and strengths.

Technology That is Ahead of the Curve: Insurance is all about the “customer experience.” Utilizing tools to make that experience, seamless, friendly, simple and accurate for our clients is a daily goal as well as protecting customer data and improving communication and workflow. Working with cutting edge, state of the art technology is always exciting.

All Are Welcome : The insurance field is populated with individuals with various skill sets. Finance majors, computer gurus, analysts, business writers, marketers, managers, public relations specialists, all can find a career in the world of insurance. And with the evolving character of insurance advanced classes, certifications and the ability to constantly learn is always available. The sky is truly the limit.

Because Protecting People Has Its Rewards: One of the truly tangible rewards of working in the insurance field is that you are protecting people. Life Insurance for the father who wishes for a secure future for his family; Health Insurance for the family that has half a dozen children; Homeowners for the young couple that just purchased their first house. Insurance is a noble profession. No one ever wants to file an insurance claim, but there comes a deep satisfaction in knowing that if one of your clients does, you did your best to protect them.