As many of you are aware, Warwick Resource Group is celebrating our 151st year. We were one of the original businesses in Warwick, founded in the 1860’s when Main Street was simply a trail for tradesman and commerce to move between villages and down to New York City.

When meeting with individuals, the question that always arises is, “Wow, you’ve been around since the Civil War! How do you explain such longevity?”

 There are dozens of reasons why WRG has lasted and prospered over the span of 15 decades:

  • The exceptional community in which our corporate office is located.
  • Agency principles that care deeply about the business and are not JUST involved in the day-to-day, but are always searching the horizon for the next venture.  
  • Diversifying our insurance niches to reach out to various industries …  especially offering our insured the latest policies in leading edge insurance categories such as Cyber-Security and Privacy.
  • Always embracing the latest innovation and technology via: the latest customer relationship management tools; 24x7 client support, our interactive website, and vanguard marketing mechanisms to provide policy renewals and prospecting quotes that are competitive.  
  • Our immersion in social media, which helps us, connect and form a lasting relationships with clients and prospects through Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Our dedication to community service and charitable contributions. Sponsoring concerts on the Railroad Green, supporting the local school district arts and music initiative, donating the hot dogs for the little league baseball players on the opening day … we are always the first to step up and commit to organizations in need.
  • The ability to be diverse. Warwick Resource Group offers insurance in personal lines, commercial lines, cyber, life, health and bonds. We also have relationships with over 100 insurance carriers, which keeps our pricing competitive and keeps our policyholders coming back year after year.

 But one of our strongest assets that has led to our durability is our ongoing relationship with “Main Street” …the local businesses and community organizations that are the core of our company.  With so many choices in insurance today via the Internet, direct sales to consumers, and even retailers getting into the game, you need to keep your core consumer content.

 We have invested highly in what I like to call “High Tech with High Touch”. Our Customer Relationship Management tools communicate with customers often to update them on their policies, but also offer them information, tips and thoughts on the importance of insurance in their life. Our Customer Service Executives and Claims Advocates are on a first name basis with our clients, reaching out to them often to ensure that they are satisfied with their service.”

 It takes a lot of diversity and dedication for a company to make it to it’s Sesquicentennial. What keeps you thriving is the constant belief that your clients have other choices. It is up to you to keep them believing that you are the wisest and best choice.